Day 17: Plastic Free July 2014

The keener observers amongst you will have noticed that the number of blog posts I’ve written this week has decreased. The reason for this is that I’ve been away on a short family holiday. But…it’s Plastic Free July!

That was my first thought, but my other half pointed out that not taking the kids away for a few days of fun because I was avoiding disposable plastics, wasn’t my best idea. Sitting at home while Mummy creatively finds alternatives to cling film and washes out her new tea diffusers, isn’t really making the most of the holidays, is it? So off we went for to a great wee hotel for a few nights. Yippee!

I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to play the whole plastic-free thing. As you know, I’ve thrown the rule book away and have been playing Plastic Free July by ear – avoiding disposable plastics where I can (mostly), but concentrating on the bigger issues such as making changes that will affect my long-term use of plastics. Plus I’ve been doing things like cooking from scratch, which cut out a number of plastics in one concentrated effort. Was I going to be on edge the whole time, hovering over bar staff as they poured drinks on the lookout for errant plastic straws? Or could I possibly be a little more relaxed about it all?

I decided that if we were going to enjoy ourselves at all, then relaxed it had to be…but I wasn’t going to go crazy and undo all my good work to date.

I’ll write more about the holiday in my next post but here are a few of my holiday snaps to show you some of the challenges we came across.

photo (419)

Plastic milk, tea bags & sugar in plastic-y paper packets

photo (418)

Miniature shampoos & body washes in plastic containers (plus soap in a suspicious plastic-paper wrapper)

photo (416)

Hot chocolate sachet with a plastic layer inside

photo (415)

Mini cereals at breakfast with a plastic bag each

photo (413)

Disposable cups with plastic lids given when the request was made for two glasses of water!

Who said other people’s holiday photos were boring?!! 😉