Thank you for visiting my blog.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying building and maintaining it. I began this blog as a way to contribute my opinion about things that were going on in the world – especially regarding politics and social policy. I felt there were some terrible policies out there and some great injustices. I needed to do something about it!  My earlier posts evolved from this need to stand up and say what I thought.

I then started a small blogging project about giving up supermarkets for 28 days and learned a bit about ethical shopping.  I loved the whole experience – the writing, the learning and the use of social media.  Most importantly, it gave me a thrust to improve my life and use the blog to record this.  I then moved onto blogging about consumption and waste on my Meaner Greener Me mini-series. That opened the door to the Plastic-free Me mini-series and I was invited to blog about Zero Waste Week.

Although I probably blog on ‘green’ issues and sustainability the most, I write about what I care about and what I hope will offer something to those of you kind enough to be reading!

I am a full time parent without much spare time. When I get it, as well as writing, I love to read.  I used to hungrily devour fiction to switch off from a demanding job, but now I have a brain that needs stretched, so I find myself immersed in the political pieces, current affairs and the environment.

I welcome your feedback and comments. Thanks for reading.

You can contact me at westywrites@googlemail.com and follow me @westywrites on Twitter. I’m not addicted. I just like it. A lot….

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello… recently I was given a blog award (the Leibster award) by another blogger. I don’t normally accept them (it’s a bit like a chain letter), but he asked so nicely that, in a moment of weakness, I agreed. One of the requirements is to pass on the award. I decided to pick five other blogs to nominate that I really enjoy reading, with the intention of directing more traffic to them. Yours is one of these blogs. I hope that you will accept this as a token of how much I enjoy reading what you write. You can display the award image on your blog, you can write a post about it and you can pass it on to others if you like; but really I just want you and others to know that I think you have a really great blog. My post that links to your blog is here: http://wp.me/p2mlPL-xj
    Thanks for all the enjoyable reading!

  2. Hello there – I have just found your blog through the post about the New Leaf Coop in Edinburgh. I was wondering whether you could recommend any other good places in Edinburgh for good, unpackaged but not too expensive food, especially Edinburgh South (no car)? I have moved here a few months ago and I’m still trying to sort myself out, any advice on places that will aid in reducing waste/plastic etc. would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!

    • Hi there – hope you are settling in! I wish I was more of an expert as it’s such an interesting and worthwhile subject! I like Earthy. It can be pretty expensive for some things but I love their unpackaged soaps which I think are £1! Real Foods also do some things unpackaged – again can be expensive though. Have you thought about a veg box scheme? I can recommend East Coast Organics (check out their website) who I think are reasonably priced for the quality of the produce – they have a blog that price compares with supermarkets every now and again plus they’ll deliver extras like milk, eggs, fruit and bread so that can save on shopping trips. I request only plastic-free fruit and veg 🙂 You could also check out some of the local farmers’s markets. There’s one above the car park under the castle I think every Sat morning, one in Portobello monthly and I think one is Stockbridge also. I’m probably missing some, have a read at my supermarket-free stuff on the blog plus the plastic-free series too. I’d love to know how you get on!

      • Thank you for your reply! I’ll definitely check all of those out, it gets tricky to shop around without a car and without free weekends to make long trips out for produce on public transport.

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