Preparing to prepare food

In my last post I outlined my New Year’s Resolutions. The first three (writing, sewing and knitting) are a pleasure so, if I’m not doing them, it’s likely to be as a result of time constraints, or being unable to justify them as a priority against the background of a busy family life. My last two however involve food planning and preparation – definitely more of chore!

With that in mind, I decided to jump right in at the start of the year and get off to a good start with cooking and baking from scratch.

As everyone who wants to succeed at anything knows, a little planning goes a long way. Often when I go to prepare a meal, I can only think of a handful of food options – and usually we’ve either eaten them recently or the kids hate them! I therefore grabbed a pen and piece of scrap paper one night with the family and got everyone to shout out every meal we’ve ever had.


It was a surprisingly fun exercise and the kids happily shared their thoughts on each dish as I wrote it down (my other half kept quiet, he’s just happy he’s not responsible for the cooking!)

So now at least I have a list of ideas to keep handy when inspiration has deserted me.

I have been procrastinating over my next task for over a year. I wanted to find new recipes. In the end, it was a simple and quick job. I opened up netmums and mumsnet, went to their recipe pages and printed off the first ten that I thought looked easy and tasty.



Finally I bought myself a small diary in the sales (£1) to record what I was making each day, plus what we ate for dinner every night. This is a way of monitoring my progress and motivating myself by being able to see a log of my good work – that’s the idea anyway…

To date (6 days in!), I’m happy to report that my methods are working. I’ve been cooking and baking most days. I’ve also been batch cooking and freezing the spare portions for those days the kids have classes after school, and I’m short of time to prepare food.

Realistically, after having a good break over Christmas, I know my energy levels and enthusiasm are much higher than they will be as time goes on, but for now, I’m off to a good start. I’ll keep you updated on my progress!


5 thoughts on “Preparing to prepare food

  1. Like the idea of everyone remembering all the things you’ve ever eaten. Although we are on our own, one son is eating with us tomorrow so will rack his brains. Usually cook using what there is in the house but planning for a week is a good exercise. Once retired, big shops don’t seem necessary and we live close to a good vegetable shop/deli.
    Our borough High Peak is very good on recycling and we are within 4 miles of their Waterswallows depot for other items. Using Freecycle also helps with recycling.
    Enjoy your posts.

  2. As one who loves to cook, but doesn’t always feel inspired, I really like the idea of downloading a bunch of new recipes to have ‘to hand’. If I ask Mr Snail what he wants to eat, he pretty much always says ‘pizza’ or ‘sausages’ or ‘chicken’… all of which I find incredibly uninspiring.

    • At least you love to cook, that’s a good start!! My youngest sounds like your other half, except ‘sausages’ or ‘sausage rolls’ are the only forthcoming suggestions. I like them too but there’s only so many (veggie) sausages one can eat in a week!

    • I have somehow managed to delete your last comment from the blog but not before I read it thoroughly! thank for this suggestion – I will be giving those Glenmorgan sausages a try!

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