Card Making for Zero Waste Week

So far for me, Zero Waste Week has been especially productive – not only have I got lots of sewing and writing done but I’ve actually produced some things (such as a draft excluder and a shopping bag) that I will make good use of.

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2015

At the start of the week, I had quite a few of my posts either drafted or planned, but yesterday I wasn’t sure what project I might showcase. I also had a card to make for a party this weekend. Could I, I wondered, combine my post with card making?!

I started making my own cards as few years ago as it meant that I could:

  • Avoid the plastic sleeve that many shop bought cards come wrapped in (I’m a little obsessed with avoiding plastic)
  • Give less business to the supermarkets where I used to pick up my supplies (regular readers will know that I have given up supermarkets for Lent for the past couple of years)
  • Get value for money – is it just me that thinks greeting cards are overpriced, especially in a market where you can buy clothes at unethically low prices? Weird.

I have also found that card making gives me a pleasing creative outlet. Here’s a post that shows some of the cards that I’ve made in the past, and I’ve included a wee photo of one of my favourite makes ever!


Anyway, back to the issue in hand. My theme for Zero Waste Week is to reuse fabric and I had a card to make – how would I combine the two?

I knew I had to keep it simple as I’m still very much a beginner at sewing. I decided to do a search on the internet so typed in a few key terms e.g. ‘fabric’ ‘cards’ and lots of ideas popped up. I decided to keep it really easy, as I was especially keen not to waste any materials in the making of the card, and wanted to get it right first time (it is zero waste week after all).

Here’s what I did:

I found a plain brown card in my stash – these are my very favourite as they are so simple and I think they can look really effective. I drew an arc on my card in pencil and stitched along it with the sewing machine. I think this would look at least as effective with hand sewing and embroidery thread, but I was curious to see if I could use the machine.

I then got my ink stamps out and stamped the words I wanted to use.

FullSizeRender (59)

Both the sewing and the inking could have ruined the card as it’s easy to make mistakes, so I did them first so that if they went wrong I didn’t spoil any other work.

Having decided on a bunting picture, I rummaged through my fabric scraps and found some that were suitable. I cut out a triangle from white paper to use as a template and then cut round it, leaving roughly half a centimetre on each edge.

FullSizeRender (61)

I then used my pinking shears to (hopefully) stop the edges fraying and simply arranged the ‘bunting’ on the arc, and glued it on with craft glue suitable for fabric. I added the birthday boy’s age in the form of a wooden number from my craft box, and ….


FullSizeRender (60)

You may recognise the red scrap from this project, the dinosaur from this one and the grey from this one.

To take the zero waste theme further, you could use scrap card to make the birthday card, and scrap paper for the bunting. (For more ideas on how to reuse paper, see fellow Zero Waste Week Ambassador, Jen’s post)

My card is ridiculously simple, but now that I’ve used fabric for card making I’m keen to experiment and improve. Perhaps next time I’ll hand sew a border in or cut out a shape (a fabric heart perhaps?!) to use as the main feature.

This project probably cost me about 50p to make and allowed me to use up those tiny, but lovely, fabric scraps that are wasted from other projects. It took about 30 minutes all in to produce this ‘work of art’, but I reckon if I made a few at the same time I could easily reduce the minutes taken per card. I declare it a zero waste success!

6 thoughts on “Card Making for Zero Waste Week

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  2. I love the bunting card, but I have a particular soft spot for the bunny at the beginning! Lovely use of your time and offcuts 🙂

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