Lent 2015: Day 36

My supermarket-free Lent has been so easy that I’ve almost not noticed it this year.  This is mainly due to having found a good local shop that meets most of my needs, and also partly due to being so busy that I’ve not been able to get out there and explore alternatives. However yesterday, I took my eye off the ball and… used a supermarket by accident!

‘How could this be?’ wondered my other half, who knows how meticulous I am at this time of year to ensure that I avoid anything supermarket-related.

Indeed it was a silly mistake. I had had a morning full of chores to get through, with my youngest child in tow. I was using my local community to the full – visiting the library, buying tickets at a local venue for a show put on by a local group, and I had my wee one scooting happily through the streets as I ran walked alongside.  My supermarket-free blip happened when I needed to take a prescription to the chemist. There was one on my route so I popped in and was sitting waiting for it when it dawned on me that I in a Cooperative Pharmacy!

By the time I realised, it was too late – the prescription was being prepared. I had to laugh though as I had just been congratulating myself on my super-efficiency in powering through my chores, and thinking how lovely it was that I’d found a new chemist that wasn’t keeping me waiting, unlike my usual Boots Chemist that always makes me return for the goods in 15 minutes. Even though I wasn’t personally paying for the prescription (in Scotland prescriptions are free), the Coop would have made money from my visit. FAIL!

Mistakes happen though, eh? As ever, I’ve picked myself up and carried on. In fact, just this morning I found myself in a local coffee shop enjoying a lovely cup of tea and a cupcake – that’s dedication for you!

It’s been a while since my last post so I’ve still to update you on the results of my supermarket-free Mothers’ Day presents. Here they are:

Cards (homemade by the children): very well received


Present: lunch out in a local venue. We had a lovely time – the food (and wine!) were great, the service was excellent and there was even a garden for the kids to explore, so everyone was happy.

Card (made by me, idea from a post on makedoandmend-able.co.uk ): the recipient was so complimentary that I’ve made about 4 more since for birthdays, and am slightly addicted!


Decoupaged giraffe


This went down especially well, possibly due to the fact that I managed to round up all of the grandchildren to help stick the paper on. Involving all the kids seems to have added sentimental value, and happily distracts from the fact that Grandma is now stuck with a decoupaged giraffe she can never chuck out…

Foodbank donation – a nice touch and more practical than the giraffe.

Great Gran
Card (I’m sorry to say this was actually made by me although it looks like it was made by the kids): Well received.


Present – a selection of small gifts from the local gift shop, also well received.


How’s everyone else getting on with going supermarket-free? Less than a week to go now!

4 thoughts on “Lent 2015: Day 36

    • Thanks for your comment – I’m realising how ridiculously abandoned my blog got over the school holidays so sorry for the late reply! I know what you mean. I am questioning myself abandoning co-op and using possibly less ethical alternatives just cos they aren’t supermarkets! Still at least it makes us think… Did you race back to the supermarket? I have to admit I’m back there but probably less than I was before 🙂

  1. I have definitely fallen off the wagon this week as I have gotten rid of my car but now the only place is walking distance is a cop op! I need to work out the bus system (or get my cycling thighs back in action) but until then I have “accidentally” used it twice! Does it balance out that I’m not longer using a car? :s

    • Horribly late reply, apologies. I’ve just been doing other things but missing the blog! Being car-free makes supermarket-free a whole different experience! I’m back using the supermarket now but I think a little less than I did before. One day I hope to pretty much ditch it altogether….x

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