Lent 2015: Day 22

I’m the first to admit that my supermarket-free blog posts of late have been a bit of a bore! I lay the blame at the feet of the fabulous Nisa store that opened within my area within the year and is pretty much meeting my every need.  I did however send my eldest off to school with this bottle of apple juice as I’d run out of the supermarket juice cartons I usually put in the packed lunch. Both children started sniggering when they saw it….


‘Mummy that looks like wee!’

I have ventured into a few local shops in the last week. First up was this Polish shop which was rather lovely, complete with a thatched roof display (photo taken from behind an aisle as I didn’t want to draw attention to myself!)

IMG_1743 (1)

I also used the Post Office service in the local grocery store, having to banish any thoughts of using the Post Office inside Asda.

As mentioned in this post, I’ve been thinking hard about how to negotiate a supermarket-free Mothers’ Day, with the added complication of actually making this year’s presents thoughtful and personal! I have three presents to co-ordinate (two grannies and a great granny).  So far I’ve decided to make all the cards and ideally the kids will help me, which will mean they will be even better received and – let’s be honest here! – the quality can slip without anyone minding…

One present is to be Sunday lunch out in a local, family run hotel. A friend recommended it and we’re all looking forward to that. Sorted.

I have hummed and hawed over the second present and have decided that the kids and I will try out some decoupage!


Having never tried it, this is ambitious. My plan is that the children will help me tear up the paper and I will glue it on, but realistically they are going to want to indulge in a little gluing too.  This may be where the problems start, but for Mothers’ Day it has to be the thought that counts, right?

I’m also going to make a donation to the Foodbank as part of this present after reading this


For the third present, I plan to visit a gorgeous local gift shop nearby and select something there.  The presents I was given last Mothers’ Day came from this shop and I have cherished them all year.

My final supermarket-free anecdote for today is to tell you that our kettle broke three days ago and that I haven’t managed to replace it until today.  It turns out that three days without a kettle is something of a challenge in itself.  Boiling water on the hob takes ages and because there is no ‘click’ to alert you that the task is done, it is really easy to forget all about the pan which is bubbling away, filling the kitchen with condensation.

On the first day of kettle-gate, my other half offered to pop out to a nearby shopping centre to pick one up. This mission failed as the only shop in the whole place to sell kettles was Tesco. It took us another two days to find the time to source a kettle from somewhere else. Incidentally the kettle that broke came from a Tesco store, so maybe our habits are slowly changing for the better!


10 thoughts on “Lent 2015: Day 22

  1. Sounds like you also need a storm kettle for tea making emergencies!

    We’ve run out of gas and it’ll have to wait a few days before we can replace the bottle. I’m not sure how I’d have coped with that news this morning minus the tea!

  2. Ha ha! Your apple juice really made me laugh! Have struggled this week with being supermarket free and find I am spending more money as I end up going to expensive places like the local garden centre. You’re very lucky to have a Nisa nearby – are their prices competitive? Thank you for pointing out the Trussell Trust campaign: will ask my kids to do that in lieu of gift.

    • Sorry for the delay! My poor blog has been a bit neglected due to everyday business! Yes, I feel very lucky with the Nisa store- it’s made this year so much easier than the other two, especially given that I have the veg box and milk deliveries set up from having done this previously! I would say the prices are competitive and there is much less temptation to buy those extras that are in the supermarket 🙂 Hope you’re getting on ok and finding good places to shop.

  3. Interesting that the children sniggered at the bottle of apple juice. That’s how mum packed our lunch boxes when we were kids. She reckons she saved a fortune (not to mention a lot of waste) by not buying the mini cartons… She was green before green was a lifestyle!

    I’m heading up to Edinburgh for a few days. I’ll be in a self-catering flat. As I don’t know the city and have a busy schedule, it’ll be interesting to see how I can navigate chain-free shopping.

    • Sorry for the delay, life has been hectic! It is a tragedy the way we are aspiring to live the green lifestyle our parents did without thinking. Cartons of juice are indeed a good example – as are glass milk bottles, cloth nappies and line drying instead of tumble drying. I just hope as a generation we manage to put it right though I have my doubts 😦

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