Lent 2015: Day 1

Phew! Day 1 of my Supermarket-free Lent challenge is almost done and I’ve made it through. There’s not much to report since today was never going to involve any shopping anyway. The kids and I ate out with friends for lunch, and the rest of the food we consumed was in the house anyway.

The main thing I’ve done by way of preparation for this challenge is to double my veg box order. I know! It’s crazy, given my very recent blog post about how I’ve been struggling with the veg box, and that I was questioning whether it even had a future in my household… I realised though that without a guaranteed supply of fruit, veg and eggs being delivered to the door, it was going to make going supermarket-free harder and more time consuming than I already anticipate it will be. I’m just going to have to do a lot of cooking over Lent, and I’ve decided to accept that and put the hours in.

As well as my fellow bloggers and tweeters outlined in this post who are joining in with supermarket-free Lent, I am delighted to introduce you to Katherine H of secondhandtales.wordpress.com plus @jennifer_nini of ecowarriorprincess.net, who has committed to give up the main supermarkets in Australia*. WooHoo!  Welcome aboard guys.  I am secretly hoping that in the near future giving up supermarkets for Lent will be a ‘thing’ and people will take the challenge even once, just to get them thinking about the impact of the supermarket on our society and environment.

I’ll sign off for now but will be back within the next few days with an update.


*She lives there.  It doesn’t count, if you don’t live there, ok? 😉

3 thoughts on “Lent 2015: Day 1

    • That’s funny, almost all of my comments on that post were people complaining about their veg boxes! It’s such a shame as they are a lovely idea but the reality is that I have 7 beetroots languishing in my fridge just now which adds just a small amount of stress to my life that I could do without!! 😉

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