Kicking off the sewing adventure

A while ago, I blogged about taking a sewing lesson. I really enjoyed it and, as a result, decided to buy myself a sewing machine.  I wasn’t confident about buying a second-hand machine (what if it didn’t work?) so I had planned to invest in a decent new one. I did my research and was on the cusp of making a purchase when I was invited to a party.

When the party night came, I wasn’t feeling in the party mood, but it was one of my good friend’s birthdays and I wasn’t going to let her down.  I reasoned with myself that I’d go and see how this experience was going to enrich my life – employ some positive thinking, if you will!

I’m glad I did – I bumped into an old friend I was in danger of losing touch with, a colleague from a decade ago, and…someone who was winding up a sewing school and had machines she was selling (that were still under guarantee!)

I am now, therefore, the proud owner of a lovely new (to me) machine that cost a fraction of what I was initially prepared to pay.  I even got a tutorial from the lady I bought it from, and she told me to phone her if I get stuck – I’m delighted 🙂


This beauty has however been sitting in a box in the house for the past few months while the festive preparations of last month took priority. Unlike my knitting which I’m able to pick up and work on for 10 minutes at a time around the family, I knew the sewing machine was going to need a bit of my undivided attention (away from my children who are very keen to have a shot!)

Yesterday I had an hour and a half to myself in the house, so I wiped the glitter off our dining table (don’t ask!), and extended it so that I had plenty of space.  I then unpacked the sewing machine, gathered the stash of bobbins and thread that I’d been collecting in anticipation of this moment, and opened the manual.

It started reasonably well.  I managed to wind a bobbin.  I cut the thread in the wrong place and somehow the bobbin has two thread ends which will no doubt come back to haunt me, but I’m ignoring that at the moment… I then threaded the needle perfectly which was where I’d anticipated problems. My problem area was loading the bobbin into the ‘bobbin holder’.   As you can see, it’s the kind of holder that is erm…front loading?  as opposed to sitting in the bottom of the machine (I’m sure my terminology will improve in time).


Instead of just taking the bobbin holder out of the machine to pop the bobbin into, I removed the other parts too and then just couldn’t get them back in.  Part of the problem was that I didn’t realise I’d taken too much out, and the manual wasn’t helping me as it had assumed a bit more intelligence on my part and didn’t cover my particular problem.

Determined that I was bloody well getting this machine working in my precious 90 minutes, I did what all the cool kids do, and got onto You Tube.  Within 5 minutes a lovely calm lady from America had solved all of my problems.

Thrilled, I proceeded, managing to get the thread ‘pulled up’ from the bobbin holder to beside the threaded needle, and then I sewed some stitches on scrap fabric. I’m not going to pretend that it wasn’t exciting!


Apologies for white thread on white fabric…

With my time just about up, I packed the machine back in its box and prepared a delicious nutritious dinner for my family in my last five minutes (okay, I actually scrubbed some baked potatoes, but that still counts…).

Join me for the next exciting instalment of my sewing adventure – coming soon!

10 thoughts on “Kicking off the sewing adventure

  1. I have a JANOME as well 🙂 It’s a different type, but the bobbin holder looks the same.
    Here’s a photo of my machine:
    And an easy project for left-over fabric: (even if you don’t sew in a super straight line, it’s not a problem).

  2. So exciting! I’ve been told there is a second-hand sewing machine shop close by which also offers lessons – that’s my plan! I have been saying I’ll get one for at least two years but currently I have nowhere to put it. But you are going to gee me up, I can tell – I can’t have you getting ahead of me in the skill stakes, I’ll be too jealous!

    Good to hear you got a second-hand one. The universe was obviously out to help you!

    Good luck and can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    • Ooooh! You should get one (mine is still hanging around in it’s box without a place) but it’s brought me lots of joy even though I am still terrible at sewing. Mastering a new skill is a real confidence-boost and lots of fun PLUS there are endless gorgeous blogs to read on sewing 🙂

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