Minimalist Game – half way point

I’m thoroughly enjoying playing the Minimalist Game – you can read my previous post on what it involves here.  To date I have cleared 224 items from our living space and not a single one of them has been missed by anyone.

Removing items that we no longer need is cathartic. I love to see space emerge within my home. If ‘stuff’ is no longer there, then it doesn’t need my attention – whether that means using it, dusting it, tidying it away or fixing it. While I would not describe myself as a hoarder, I will admit that there are some things that I do find hard to part with.  It is reasonably shocking therefore, that I haven’t yet had to make any difficult decisions.  I’m on 224 items and not one of them has proven a challenge to remove from my life! This showcases just how much clutter I’ve managed to accumulate.

I’m enjoying reading my fellow bloggers’ tales of the Minimalist Game. It’s interesting to see how everyone else approaches the challenge.  Personally, since my aim is to hit the heady heights of chucking 465 items, I have been targetting the clutter hotspots in my home.

The children’s bedroom has rewarded me well.  Although I do regular clear-outs of clothes that they’ve grown out of, it would seem that I’m guilty of hanging on to things they are just ever so slightly too big for, in case I need them again in an emergency.  The reality is, however, I never use them and they just clutter up the drawers.  Worse, when it’s my other half’s turn to get the kids ready, he uses the small stuff, not knowing any better.  Not anymore!  All the old things are gone –  I’ve distributed them between family, the charity shop and the Rag Bag.

Toys have also boosted my score as I’ve got rid of some of the broken stuff as well as lots of the crap attractive little trinkets that are accumulated from party bags and magazines.  I can guarantee the kids will not miss anything I’ve got rid of!  I will definitely not miss this plastic toy watch which doesn’t fasten properly and is guaranteed to cause tears (mine) as it falls off after ten seconds.


I’ve finally got rid of this clothes dryer which has a broken hinge.  Both my other half and I have tried to fix it but to no avail.  It’s been sitting in our bedroom for two years waiting for a mending miracle. Off to the dump it goes….


An equally large item is this washing basket.  It has been redundant for FIVE years!  I retrieved it from on top of a wardrobe, washed the fabric, dusted down the frame, and it’s now earmarked for the charity shop.


Because we are environmentally aware, there are lots of things that we recycle instead of binning.  However, there are many items that our Council collection doesn’t cater for so we store these on top of our freezer to take to the appropriate place. Except we forget.


An example is these used inhalers, which have gathered over time.  After bagging them at the weekend, I took them along to Boots the Chemist (where I happened to be anyway this morning) and put them into appropriate box.  The whole task took me about 20 seconds!

We have also, over several months, been accumulating things for the Council dump, which will allow us to recycle some of them. I have finally sorted out the pile (again sitting on top of the freezer!) and moved it ready to be taken there by the end of the month.


So far my experience of the Minimalist Game is that it only demands a bit of time from me.  I was already on board with the concept of removing unnecessary items from my home, having taken steps already to do this with several things, but I am guilty of not finishing the job.  With the goal of removing 465 items from the house this month, I am finding it much easier to focus.

To date, some of the items have been binned, recycled or given away, but I am storing the rest in our front room, ready to make a few big trips to get rid of them at the end of November. 

I had managed to keep the kids out of that room to avoid them rediscovering their old treasures, but this morning they wanted in it to wave goodbye to their Dad, who was leaving for work. Panicking, I suggested that we waved at the door. That was met with confusion (it’s November, they were in their pyjamas), so as a compromise I said they could wave at the window, but we’d keep the lights off ‘so that you can see him better outside’. Too late, I’d aroused much suspicion and my eldest, after being lead across the darkened room to the window, took one glance around the shadows, looked at me pointedly and asked ‘Mummy, are you trying to give away our toys?’ Foiled.  I’m off to hide the evidence in my car…

7 thoughts on “Minimalist Game – half way point

  1. I LOVE the illustration of the broken plastic watch – sums up a lot of the toys in our house too! Well done on removing so many items and thank you for the tip about recycling inhalers at Boots which I didn’t know about.

  2. That is such an interesting point about how easy it is to get rid of so much stuff without having to make any difficult decisions. Also you really made me laugh about the kids toys, I often have the same situation with my kids!

    • It’s truly shocking how much accumulates without me noticing! I am like a sneaky under-cover agent getting rid of the kids’ stuff. I am a soft touch though as I just chuck the things they’ll not notice 🙂

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