Minimalist Game

I love reading about the Minimalist Game – blog posts or twitter hashtags (#MinsGame) on that subject have me riveted. I therefore took an interest when Jen from My Make Do and Mend Year announced here on her blog that she was playing in November, and I was even more delighted when others I follow – Emma from Mommy Emu, Zoe from Ecothrifty, Shona at @sathlondonshona and Nicola of A Lifetime of DIY were joining in. Lots to read – yay!

I didn’t for one second consider taking part. I’m feeling a bit time-poor at the moment, as my neglected blog will testify, plus we’re hosting Christmas this year and I shudder every time I think about the work involved (although I’m looking forward to having the whole family round).  I’m determined to use November to get Christmas cards written, most of the shopping done and to get the house in order.

When Zoe tweeted this morning asking if I was going to join in though, I considered it for the first time. I do like a challenge, plus I’ve been a bit out of the blogging loop lately. Also when I thought about it, the Minimalist Game will tie in nicely with my efforts to get the house ready for the Festive Season. A good old clear out will create much-needed space and help me in my constant battle for a tidy house.  So….

I’m in!

The Minimalist Game, as I understand it (from reading everyone else’s posts!), is to start on the first of the month by finding one item that you will get rid of, on Day 2 you get rid of 2 items, Day 3 is 3 items etc. As Zoe says in her post, you are meant to get the item out of the house on that day to e.g. charity shop, dump, recycle, bin etc. I agree with her that I will not be taking a daily trip to get rid of stuff – life is too short!! – so as long as everything has reached its rightful destination by 1 December, I will consider myself successful. Also like Zoe, rather than clear a set amount of items a day, I will make sure I dispose of the correct total of 465 items for the month. I hope this is all making sense…

Happily I had a small sort out on Saturday (the first of November) and put 10 old DVD’s in a bag for the charity shop so I’m already on target.


I will keep a tally of my items here (keeping it simple!):


I will of course be trying to ensure that as few items as possible end up in the bin for landfill, and that as much as possible goes to people who can use it. November seems like a very good time to play the Minimalist Game as it should boost the Charity Shops stocks in time to help with their Christmas sales.

I know that the Minimalists’ – Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus – focus is on ‘living a meaningful life with less stuff’, a concept I agree with. I am increasingly trying to work towards this, for example by buying no new clothes for myself for a year, but somehow I still have a house full of things that we’ve acquired but don’t use (nor even care about terribly much). I’m hoping by the time I’ve cleared out another 455 items, I’ve worked out how to stop so many things making it over our front door! Wish me luck…

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