Jeans mend

I’m an all-or-nothing kind of a girl which appears to have spilled over into my blog. I’m either writing regularly or, it seems, weeks pass between posts! I have been working away on a particular post that I’m not stuck on exactly, but it’s taking me a while to write it as I wish.  Maybe one day it will be ready to publish or – as with many other of my drafts – it will be consigned to the trash can. Today however, I’ve got a post about mending my jeans.

I wrote in this post ten months ago that I had a favourite pair of jeans that were threatening to tear at the knee.  Luckily for me (being on a self-imposed year of no new clothes) this threat didn’t become a reality until a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, what I should have done as soon as I knew there was a risk of a tear, was to patch the jeans from the back so that the material was supported and had a better chance of staying intact, but that’s far too sensible and organised for me…

I did however act reasonably quickly when the tears (yes two!) started to show.

IMG_0828 (2)

Disclaimer I have no idea if this is the standard course of action to follow for ripped jeans!

The first thing I did was to turn the jeans inside out and stitch the ends of the tears in the hope that they won’t grow any bigger. I then cut a patch of material from an old pair of leggings that was big enough to easily cover the tears.


I used fabric glue – an impulse buy from several months ago – to stick the patch to the jeans.



I turned the trouser leg inside out and et voila! the jeans were mended.


I quite like the coloured fabric showing through the rip, I think it makes the jeans look individual, and, the last time I wore the jeans, I matched the hint of pink with an appropriate top. I’m probably kidding myself – I bet no one else noticed!

I’m interested to see whether the glue will stand the test of time. I washed the jeans within 48 hours of applying the glue and it was still sticking well when it came out of the washing machine. I will however confess to not following the super-simple instructions to the letter – my fault as I got distracted by something else in the middle of the mend…

I feel pretty smug about extending the life of a favourite item of clothing. The same thing happened to a different pair of jeans about two years ago and I put them in the Rag Bag without considering that I might have mended them.  I’m glad times have changed for me – I’m saving good jeans from becoming waste, and the £40 it would have cost to replace them is still in my bank account!




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