Day 7: Zero Waste Week 2014

It’s Day 7 already of Zero Waste Week.

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I have to admit that I’m pleased with my achievements this week. Most of my tasks didn’t take more than a mere ten minutes each, yet they were things that will make a significant difference to me, and the waste that I generate. For some reason, I’d also been procrastinating over most of them and, mentally, it feels good to have pushed forwards finally.

Today’s self-set ‘One More Thing’ task is to make my own short crust pastry. I’m sorry to report that this is something I’ve not done before. I am a fan of cooking from scratch as there are usually so many health, sustainability and cost benefits to be gained but, for some reason, I’ve not been able to face making my own pastry before. I put my reluctance down to the fact that I will have to get my hands messy and I’ve never liked that much!

The time has come to face this challenge head on. Here’s the packaging generated by a packet of pastry (which makes enough for a large quiche, for example). It’s wrapped in a grease-proof paper lining – which feels like it contains a plastic coating – and a cardboard box.

photo (370)

Picture from my archives – no shop-bought pastry was used in the making of this post!

This packet of pastry costs £1.50 on the Tesco website, at the time of writing. The ingredients I need to make it myself are 200g of plain flour, 110g of butter and a pinch of salt. I estimate that I can make my own for less than 70p. I think that saving alone’s probably worth approximately 10 minutes of my time!

As in yesterday’s post, I took a break from writing this post to make my pastry. I used this recipe.

It was really simple.  I weighed out my ingredients, put the butter, flour and salt in a large bowl, as instructed, and rubbed them together with my fingers until the mixture was breadcrumb-like.  I then added the water and stirred it all together with a knife and voila! I had my pastry.

photo (450)

We decided to push the boat out and make a Homity Pie (using up some of the veg box in the process – hooray!)  My other half made the filling and we put it together in super-quick time.

photo (453)

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself for finally ticking this off my ‘to do’ list. Pastry is of course a great way to make food a bit more exciting when left overs are on offer. Check out this great post by Jen of My Make Do and Mend Year on how to reduce your food waste – surely she is the queen of creativity? I especially like Point 7 ‘Dead things tart-tartin’ which you can use, if you master making puff pastry!

I hope everyone’s had a good Zero Waste Week. A big thank you to Rachelle Strauss who is the brains behind this operation and has clearly been working very hard! If you are looking for more reading material and some inspiration do check out the ZWW Blog Abassadors, many of whom have been very busy this week.

What ‘One More Thing’ can you do this week to reduce your waste?

3 thoughts on “Day 7: Zero Waste Week 2014

  1. Thanks for linking up! Well done for making pastry 🙂
    You must try rough puff-it’s super easy-I use Nigella’s version-I think there is a link to it on my blog if you search pastry!
    You’ve had a brilliant and inspirational Zero Waste Week-go you!

  2. Of all the tasks you’ve set yourself for Zero Waste Week, this one I think would have been the hardest for me. I have a total mental block when it comes to pastry making.

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