Day 2: Zero Waste Week 2014

I’m loving Zero Waste Week. I like having a task to focus on, and the ‘One More Thing’ challenge is getting the cogs of my brain turning a bit quicker than usual.

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I’m also a big Twitter fan so I’m embracing the interactive side of #zerowasteweek – there are lots of conversations to be had as well as new blog posts to read courtesy of the team of Ambassadors. In fact, I’m having to work hard at ignoring the beep beep beep of my phone as new alerts ping in while I’m busy with other things…

Yesterday my self-set task was to sort through a bag of old clothes, in an attempt to find materials that I could upcycle before I recycled them. The aim was to extend their life and to prevent me from consuming new things before I truly need them. The task took a mere five minutes! Delighted, I’ve been scratching my head to find a low effort/high impact job for today. It hasn’t take me long to discover one…

…The Rubbish Diet

First of all…that name! J’adore! As someone who eats what I like, when I like, I would be no good at conventional diets so to me, The Rubbish Diet sounds perfect. Of course, however, this diet has nothing to do with food…unless you put food in your bin that is…

The Rubbish Diet describes itself as the Slimming Club for Bins, and the website states:
We share ideas to make it really easy to create less waste, protecting our environment and saving money.

This is totally my cup of tea and, to be honest, I have been meaning to sign up for months. Since I started blogging about sustainable issues 18 months ago, I have reduced my waste significantly and estimate that as a household of four people, which was putting out three black bin bags of rubbish each week, we are now down to three quarters of a bag. However, I have been distracted from simply reducing my general waste because I have been focussing on quite specific topics on my blog, for example, minimising single-use plastics. Now though I am looking for something exactly like the Rubbish Diet to help me go the extra mile towards zero waste. By checking out the website and signing up, I am setting myself up for a slimmer bin in future, plus it ties in amazingly well with my sustainable goals for this year. I outlined them in this post written in January, and point 5 on reducing my rubbish needs attention.

So I fired up my laptop, grabbed a cuppa and a Mars Bar (what did I tell you about diets!), and checked out the Rubbish Diet site. While I’ve read parts of it before, and some posts by the lovely Karen Cannard ‘Bin Doctor in Chief’, I realised that sitting down to really absorb it was a first.

photo (433)

I wasn’t disappointed. It is a website packed full of great ideas about avoiding waste in the first place, recycling and – I really love this – slimmers’ stories. It’s worth checking out, especially if you are taking part in Zero Waste Week. I certainly picked up some tips and felt inspired to try harder to reduce those bin bags. It even crossed my mind that, like a conventional diet, I could use the bathroom scales and weigh my rubbish each week, but perhaps that’s getting carried away…

photo (434)

Now I’ve signed up, I am to receive regular emails from the Rubbish Diet team, the first of which came through as I drafted this post. One excellent tip in the newsletter was to set yourself a goal. I’ve therefore decided that mine will be to write a list of everything that goes in the bin over a 24 hour period, and then I will assess each item to see if:

• I really needed to have it in my house in the first place*
• It can be disposed of (or reused) in another way

Let’s see if I can slim that bin further!

*I fear for the future of my Mars Bar

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2014


5 thoughts on “Day 2: Zero Waste Week 2014

  1. Yay! Glad you’ve decided to sign up for The Rubbish Diet. You’ll love it. Karen works tirelessly to share the slim bin message and you’ll be in for lots of tips along the way. Looking forward to having a metaphorical rummage through your bin with you 😉

    And tell me about the beeping. My speakers are turned off but it’s crazy on the #zerowasteweek hashtag this week – beyond my wildest expectations!

    • There can’t be that many people interested in other people’s rubbish…but then again, it tells a story I’m sure!

      Delighted the hash tag is going crazy. If my phone is beeping lots then I can’t imagine what yours must be like!!

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