Day 2: Plastic Free July 2014

More than 24 hours into Plastic Free July, and I’m resigned to the fact that this challenge is going to be more of a learning experience, than the huge achievement I envisaged that it would be, back in October, when I declared I was taking part.

It turns out that eliminating single use plastics is tough (as I always knew it would be), but for some reason, life hasn’t slowed down to enable me time to prepare all the plastic-free potions that I need… Preparation seems to be the key to going plastic-free and, unsurprisingly, the areas that I’ve been working hard on and blogged about, for the last nine months are where I’m doing best.

I’ve made a few changes to my daily routine that I hope will make a significant difference to my overall plastic consumption by the end of the month. I started both days with porridge instead of my plastic-wrapped cereal. I cracked open my new bamboo toothbrush (much better than the last one!) and tentatively opened the toothy tabs which are still, I’m sorry to report, absolutely disgusting. I’ve been using them every time I brush my teeth but I have to admit, I re-brushed with the plastic-clad minty stuff this morning because I knew I was going to be chatting to other people and I didn’t trust the toothy tabs to keep my breath fresh…this may of course be a misconception on my part.

I’ve swapped fruit juice from a carton with water or freshly squeezed orange juice. This is lovely but time consuming, especially as I end up having to squeeze oranges for the rest of the family too who love the stuff!

photo (314)


I’ve decided to ditch alcohol for the month, unless I can find some in plastic-free packaging. One exception is that I will allow myself to drink it when I’m out of the house, as long as it’s served to me plastic-free – feel free to share your thoughts with me as to whether or not you think this is cheating!

There was a last minute debate on Twitter with fellow plastic-free sympathisers about tea bags. Although these are available in plastic-free cardboard boxes, e.g. this one by Twinings…

photo (292)

…apparently have plastic in the actual bag! Oh no no, please no! See this post via Plastic Is Rubbish.

I am HATING this. I don’t like it because it’s a problem for Plastic Free July, but I actually really hate it because of the potential health implications. Does this mean that we are dissolving plastic into hot water and downing it with our daily cuppa? Does anyone have any further information on this?

Anyway, despite all of this, I haven’t managed to give up tea! I don’t feel that I’m ready to face the day without my hit of caffeine. Urgent action is required – I need to find somewhere that I can buy tea leaves without plastic packaging and the shop I go to for unpackaged goods doesn’t stock breakfast tea (can you even buy this as loose tea leaves?)

Finally, my theory for today is that the best way to consume less disposable plastics is to make food from scratch, so I’m working hard in the kitchen. It’s not been as bad as I thought to squeeze in a bit of extra cooking, but then again, it’s only Day 2 and I am still feeling enthusiastic!

16 thoughts on “Day 2: Plastic Free July 2014

  1. It is a huge achievement to be taking part in the challenge – don’t underestimate yourself! Regardless of how much plastic you consume, you’ll learn so much and you’ll feel the sense of pride and satisfaction in not quitting : )

    I think eating out is okay, even when you know the cafes/bars don’t keep plastic-free. At least they buy in bulk (okay, maybe not wine) so the packaging is less overall.

    A solution to the tea-bags? Buy yourself a nice teapot, a strainer and some loose leaf tea. It will taste so much better : )

    You’re doing great!

    • Oh thank you! Yes, it’s good to be taking part, and I’m learning lots.

      Need to find a proper tea supplier who will sell it loose. Not just for PFJ either…

  2. Hi there, I am doing the Plastic Free July too! Great to stumble upon your site, and I look forward to following how you go. I haven’t had any issues yet really, as I only grocery shop once a fortnight and that day doesn’t come around until next week. However I have already made list of potential challenges, and have scanned your blog for tips. Many thanks!

    • Hi! Thanks for taking a look and commenting, it’s lovely to connect with others!

      Impressed that you have managed to get your grocery shopping down to once a fortnight. You sound very organised, which I think is the whole key to PFJ!!

    • Thank you – that is a really great post! Wish I’d read it before I wrote tonight’s post!

      Perfection is the goal but improvement is to be celebrated too!!

  3. Hello, I stumbled on your blog via various steps from the plastic-free July thing 🙂

    I am nowhere near as committed but I do use the toothy tabs. I am slowly getting used them. I think a full tab is too much and I cut them in half (incidentally with a knife that has a wooden grip!).

    Regarding cereals: do you know that Real Foods (Broughton and Brougham St) sell in bulk? (you might have mentioned that elsewhere but I only started reading your blog)

    • I’ve been to Real Foods but I was mostly focussing on avoiding supermarkets then. Maybe it’s time for a return visit (with some food containers from home!) Thank you!

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