Day 1: Plastic Free July 2014

Yesterday was a frenzy of preparation for Plastic Free July! I don’t mean that in a totally worthy way, I’m afraid. I got out the plastic-topped nail varnish and made sure my toes were looking great for the first few days of the month (I haven’t thought about what to do in a few days when it all starts to chip off… socks, I guess!). I also may have overdone my application of fake tan the night before, knowing that I’m to be pale and interesting for most of July:
Eldest child: Mummy, are you a funny colour?
Me (tentatively): What kind of colour?
Eldest child: Well, just…hmmm…not very pale!

Oh well, a few orange days will soon be forgotten when I’m glowing in the dark again next week with my fair Scottish skin!

I took a quick trip round the supermarket to stock up on oranges to squeeze for juice (no plastic-lidded, tetra packs for me in July!) and to grab some more of the plastic-free packaged tissues that are to serve me as toilet paper for the month.

I’m really unprepared in terms of food (despite my plan to have a fully stocked-freezer) but I did whip up a batch of tomato sauce, and I baked two loaves of banana bread the day before. Neither item is totally plastic-free, but they both use significantly less plastic than any shop-bought alternatives that I might be tempted to buy if I have nothing to hand.

I realised too late that, despite having set up a milk delivery months ago in preparation for July, I forgot to phone them this week and ask them to include some glass bottles in the order! (Normally we drink organic which only comes in plastic). Ooops! I’m going to have to call them today.

There’ve also been last minute Twitter discussions on the #pfjuk hashtag about alcohol – can we drink during July? What counts as cheating? Most bottles of wine seem to come with plastic screw tops, and beer in plastic-lined tins. If you buy alcohol in the pub, it’s got a high chance of coming to you plastic-free – any plastic waste will go in their bin – but if you do this every time you want a drink, is it bending the rules (especially if you ask for a take-out!)? While I’m not a committed drinker, I hadn’t planned on being dry for the whole of July, so if you do know of any plastic-free drinks, let me know!

Good luck to everyone taking part in Plastic Free July in any shape or form and thank you thank you to those of you reading who’ve made your own pledges!


10 thoughts on “Day 1: Plastic Free July 2014

  1. Love this post – really made me laugh. There is a vineyard not far from me that sells an English sparkling wine – I might have to investigate what packaging they use! It is pretty pricey though unfortunately…

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