Plastic-free July: It’s almost July!

I love June as a rule, but this year I feel like I am clinging on to it, savouring every moment, because soon it will be July. Plastic Free July to be precise!


Arrrgghh! I have to confess I’m feeling a bit scared, and a lot less organised than I was aiming for, when I decided to take part in this challenge! My list of to do’s is only partially complete, and it turns out that I won’t be able to just sit in the house avoiding disposable plastics during the summer holidays (!) so the calendar is filling up with events that are going to be interesting for Little Ms Plastic Free July – that’s me!

I am going to stubbornly ignore my obstacles however, and square up to the pledge I made, like the grown woman I am! There will be failures along the way (hardly breaking news if you’re a regular reader) but every bit of disposable plastic spared from landfill is a win – right people? – and I do intend to spare a lot!

In attempt to update my blog as much as I can, I am planning to be writing in diary style mainly. I can’t guarantee polished posts every time (like I do normally?!) but my aim for this project is to record and share. I have made the mistake before of declaring that I will write regularly and then not managing it, so, the best I can offer is to update the blog when I am able. I’m hoping that will translate into at least a few posts a week.

We have under two days to go until July, so if you have been reading this with even a smidgeon of interest, why not make the experience interactive and choose a few items of disposable plastic to give up? I recently wrote this guest post  for Plastic Free UK which outlines a few ideas. Have a read and pick some…go on! Please let me know of any pledges that you make in the comments section below – you have no idea how much people joining in helps with my motivation!

If you are in the UK and want to follow any of the Plastic Free July community over here, then do check out the twitter feeds/webpages of @ecothrifty Eco Thrify Living, @polytheenpam Plastic Is Rubbish and Plastic Free UK, @croydn Plastic Free July in Croydon @griffinkate Sustainable Witney and @BeckyAnnison Westwick Dreaming (Let me know if there are more of you out there!!)

For further afield get on to the Plastic Free July website, twitter feed and hash tag – there are (believe it or not) loads of people taking part in this challenge!

Thanks to everyone who’s reading and cheering me on with your comments, you have turned a daunting challenge into a real positive! 


25 thoughts on “Plastic-free July: It’s almost July!

  1. Good luck to you with this – you are a better woman than me! However, in July I promise I will do my best to find a source of all my granola ingredients that does not involve plastic packaging. The oats come in paper, but I need to find sources for sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dates and cashew nuts. That’s my July challenge.

  2. Best of luck for tomorrow – I’m also starting from a less than ideal position. As you know I’m giving up yoghurt bought in plastic pots. This weekend I did a test run making my own and it was an incredible disaster, seriously epic. I’ll be blogging all about it no doubt but it means we are almost in July and almost out of Yoghurt.

    No Yoghurt for a month is not an option, it is my son’s favourite food so I’d better come up with a solution and fast 🙂

    • Hi Becky… I make my own yoghurt successfully. I have a few tips that might help out. 1. sStart out with milk that is hotter than most recipes suggest (I’ll measure the temperature of mine next time I make a batch and try to remember to let you know), but certainly hotter than your hand. 2. Start with a culture including more than one commercial natural yoghurt – when starting from scratch after a holiday I often use a combination of Yeo Valley and Rachels Dairy, or Neil’s Yard if I can get it. 3. Leave it overnight or longer in a warm place i.e. at least 8 hours. 4. If it separates, strain it through muslin and you have Greek Yoghurt. Hope these suggestions help.

      • I thought my first problem was that I’d got the milk too hot and it killed the culture. Now I’m not so sure. I think my thermometer was off. It was virtually boiling and it still wasn’t quite up to the 180F I’d seen recommended ?

        Also I wondered if my yoghurt (Yeo Valley Greek?) didn’t have a live culture. So I’ve bought a different kind that definitely has a live culture for next time.

        For my warm place I’ve made a haybox – not many other options for that so I hope it works!

        I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

      • I don’t generally use Greek Yoghurt as it’s difficult to mix in, Perhaps you were too hot… often I bring the milk to nearly a boil then allow it to cool (at room temperature) for an hour to an hour and a half before adding the culture. If you get the starting temperature right I would expect a haybox to be fine

  3. @WestWrites, Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. I’m (not nearly) all set for Plastic Free July but I’m signed up and will give it my best.
    Reusable shopping bags, produce bags, coffee cups, water bottles *tick*.
    Organic veggie box *tick*. (plus farmers market located)
    Stumbling block – finding a local loose produce retailer for pasta, rice, muesli, beans etc… I’m new to my area (nr. Skipton, Yorkshire) and can’t find where to go for non-plastic dry goods. Any advice for good website locators or thoughts from you or other bloggers?

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