Plastic-free Me: Psyching up for Plastic Free July

Finally I’m getting my arse in gear for Plastic Free July! Time is running out so if I don’t get organised now then I won’t do as well as I’d like.

Yesterday I took a trip to the New Leaf Co-op to do another reccy so that I know what I can purchase from there next month (read my post on this amazing shop here).

photo (358)

I noted that they do Ecover refills for my non-bio laundry liquid (I’ve got as far as buying a few bottles of this stuff, but have not yet done the crucial refilling!)

photo (378)

I picked up some bar soap and a new bamboo toothbrush – a different brand this time (read this post on my past experience). It cost me £2.85 and the bamboo is biodegradable.

photo (377)

Back at home I got onto the internet and ordered some more Onyabags like this one (which unfolded is almost the size of a supermarket shopping bag).

photo (371)

Recently I’ve found myself in shops without a bag (bad planning!) and have had to either accept a plastic bag or carry items precariously in my arms – not easy when you have small children who need close supervision! I love Onya bags as they fold up small enough to tuck inside a pocket or attach to a keyring so with my new extras, I can now make sure I have one on me at any time.

I also bought myself a water bottle so that I have a drink handy when we’re out and about, in case plastic bottles or cartons that come with straws are my only option.

I then hopped over to Lush and bought the solid shampoo and conditioner bars I’ve written about so often, yet never tried. Plus I picked up some toothytabs – I went for a different flavour this time (I hated the last ones I bought!) – maybe I’ll get used to them after a month…

Last week I finally found the solution to plastic-free toilet paper thanks to @polytheenpam in the form of these tissues.

photo (376)

There is no plastic at all in the box so I will be popping them on top of the toilet for July. I so wish they weren’t bought at Tesco (even though they cost a mere 65p) as I’m trying to reduce my supermarket use. As I’m discovering all the time though, there are so many conflicts of interest with my environmental goals, so for July, I will prioritise being plastic-free but keep searching for the perfect plastic-free loo roll!

Finally, this morning on Twitter while browsing through the #PlasticFreeJuly hash tag, I was delighted to discover that Kake who tweets as @croydn has also committed to go as plastic free as possible in July – check out her blog post here. This was exciting as there are only three of us that I know in the UK taking part in the challenge (@ecothrifty & @polytheenpam) so welcome on board! Kake, and for anyone who wants to join in, cut down on your plastic use, or simply follow our progress, look out for the #pfjuk hash tag on Twitter.


7 thoughts on “Plastic-free Me: Psyching up for Plastic Free July

  1. Oh I’m doing a face palm here – of course! Tissues in a cardboard box – perfect idea. I’ve found that some of them have a piece of plastic to stop all the tissues coming out at once; how do you suss out which those are before you get them home?!

    • No! Don’t do a face palm! It’s rare to find a box without the plastic so it’s not obvious at all 🙂 I found out thanks to Polythene Pam, the head of the cyber plastic-free army!!

  2. I guess you can’t consider me a UK member of Plastic Free July right now (maybe an honorary one?) – but you can add my mum to your list of UK PFJers! She had a go last year and her local butcher LOVED that she brought her own containers, and hopes more people catch on!

    PS I’m impressed you’ve found plastic free tissues. I gave up and now just use toilet roll Suits me fine!

    • Of course you can be an honorary member! I think the only reason we get excited about people in the UK joining in is that we can all suggest products that we can find easily – we are a bit jealous of you guys in Australia, having these unpackaged shops! Is your mum on Twitter?! Welcome aboard Lindsay’s mum x

      • Yay! : ) When I lived in Bristol there were quite a few bulk bin stores – sadly before my plastic-free days so I never utilised them as much as I should have!

        Haha, no, my mum is not on Twitter, Or Facebook. She’s a bit of a techno-phobe, although she’s just figured out What’sApp and it seems there’s no stopping her with it! So maybe for this Plastic Free July I can get her to start commenting on blogs and things and sharing her tips! (She lives in Kent)

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