Plastic-free Me: Not so much of the plastic-free…yet!

Okay, imagine Plastic Free July is a marathon and I’ve a month of training left to go. By this point I should be sticking to my training schedule, whizzing up nourishing but disgusting smoothies, breaking in my new hi-tech running shoes and pestering everyone I know for sponsorship.

If Plastic Free July was actually a marathon, I reckon I’m lying on the couch eating a Mars bar…but reading about running techniques! In other words, not a lot of preparation has been taking place but I’m thinking about it all in a positive manner…

To be fair, my heart’s in the right place but life has been hectic over the last few weeks. We’ve had four big events within the family that have required lots of planning and time. Life’s been great but reducing my single-use plastic has been low on the priority list. To make things worse, there’s been a distinct lack of cooking from scratch and quite a lot of grabbing treats and easy to prepare food. Here are two examples from tonight’s dinner:

Ready rolled pastry – can you see the sheet of plastic?

photo (370)

Plastic jelly pots (we used wasted four of these)

photo (369)

Life has calmed to some sort of normality so it’s time to get back on track. My next piece of writing will be a guest post over at Plastic Free UK (whose sister website Plastic Is Rubbish is an amazing resource, by the way) then I’ll be back on the blog limbering up for July!


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