Plastic-free Me: Back ‘in training’

So, where was I? Oh yes, Plastic Free July. Hmmm….

It’s getting awfully close now, is it not? I will admit that I’m a wee bit scared! This is a massive challenge. I always knew that, of course I did, but July was a long way off when I burst onto the blog with all of my optimism and enthusiasm, and I was full of hope that miracle products were going to find me and save me.

Save you from what, I hear you ask? What a drama queen – how bad can a month of giving up single-use plastics really be?

Think about it though, from the moment most of us get up we are consuming things swathed in single-use plastics. Toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower gel, milk and cereal. How many of us can actually make it out of the door in the morning without using disposable plastics? How do you feel now about making it through the whole of July?!

Luckily though, I have been ‘in training’ for this challenge for several months and therefore some progress has been made. I am confident about that I will be able to consume significantly less plastic than I would in an average month, but I am doubtful I’ll manage to be totally plastic-free.

That’s alright though.

Erm…how’s it alright? It’s not called Significantly-Less Plastic July.

Well, yes…we all know what it’s called but if I really thought I’d fail this challenge because I couldn’t avoid the odd thing here and there, I’d have thrown the towel in months ago. Plus it’s in the actual rules of Plastic Free July that you should keep any single-use plastics you do use in a ‘dilemma bag’ so that it can be shared at the end (presumably, that is, your experience can be shared, not the plastic rubbish!)

The concept behind Plastic Free July is to make people aware of the plastics they are consuming, to think about whether they are necessary, where they end up, and what the impact on the planet is. By trying really really hard to eliminate my single-use plastics in July, I will reach this state of awareness. I have already cut out a lot of plastics through my preparation to date, I will reduce them further throughout the challenge and (unless July is a total nightmare!) I fully expect that many of the changes I’ve made in my plastic consumption will remain.

So, it’s all good. As I was told when I was little, I’ll do my best and that’s what’s important.

To catch up on my training for Plastic Free July, you can read here to find all of the posts in my Plastic-free Me blogging series.

I’ll be back here soon to blog my progress.


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