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Finally here I am with another blog post…I know, getting posts out of me just now is like getting blood from a stone! I thought I’d take the time to write an update on where ‘I’m at’ with the blogging and the sustainable living. It’ll let me take stock and, if anyone out there is still following me, then you will know what to expect over the next few months.

So…Lent has come to an end and I am now ‘allowed’ to shop in the supermarket again. I’ve got a final post to come on this topic – tips on how to cut down using them. I’ll be taking heed of those myself as I’m hoping to make serious progress towards reducing my use of supermarkets significantly – ethical shopping is for life not just for Lent!

May is a busy month for me in real life so while I’ve got lots of non-supermarket blogging ideas that have been bubbling away over the last few months, the reality is that I’m not going to have much time to get them written down. I’m going to have to hope that my messy scribbles make sense when I finally get some proper time with my laptop.

The big blogging topic that I have ‘looming’ is, of course, Plastic Free July, which I committed to on the blog back in October. Ha! How innocent I was I then! I will admit this challenge is terrifying me!!! I know, I know…I’ve written a lot about it and I’ve made significant progress – but, having just restricted myself regarding supermarkets over Lent (which was always going to be far easier), the huuuugggenessss of this topic is well and truly sinking in. Arrrgggghhh! Fear not though, I’m still on board and revving up for this rollercoaster ride. I hope to offer you a re-introductory post soon to kick start the last leg of my training and I’ve also promised to write a guest post for Plastic Is Rubbish so look out for that.

My final blogging commitment is to the wonderful Rae Strauss of Zero Waste Week, for whom I’ve agreed to write (at least) one post for during the 1-7 September. You can read my posts from last year here.

There’s plenty to be getting on with!


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