Supermarket-free Me: catching the cold

Finally, I’m back on the blog!

Apologies to those of you who have been checking for updates and found that none were forthcoming. I had a few busy days and then came down with a horrible cold. Happily though the good news for me is that I am still supermarket-free, and the good news for you is that this is one virus that can’t be spread over the internet. I can sneeze and snotter as much as I like over this keyboard – you’re all safe!

I have been cooped up inside my home for five days now, plus there were a few days before that when I wasn’t feeling great, so little was done in the way of shopping. I don’t know about you, but in our house if someone is ‘coming down with something’ then a shopping list is drawn up and there is a dash made to the supermarket to stock up on essentials, and to ensure the patient has all of the tissues, medicines, vitamins, grapes, magazines and Lucozade that he or she may need.

Obviously this couldn’t happen but it didn’t seem to matter. Now that we are most of the way through Lent, we have a reasonable knowledge of the local shops so my other half has dropped into them a few times on the way back to work to pick up items we’re running low on, and we’ve muddled by not too badly.

I think what has probably saved us in this situation is that we already have our fruit, veg, eggs and milk delivered to the house anyway – by local businesses – so there’s always something to eat. Plus, because I am finally learning that living without the convenience of supermarkets means forward planning is helpful, there have been some meals cooked and frozen for when we need something quick and easy. I wouldn’t go as far as to say our diet has been varied or interesting while I’ve been a snottering, spluttering mess, but at least we’ve been eating!

Anyway, I think the worst is over and I’m hoping to make it out tomorrow and to get back to normal. I have eight people to feed on Sunday, so some serious shopping and planning is needed. I have a guest post to write for Local 4 Lent, and am hoping to squeeze a few more posts onto the blog before Easter Weekend so pass me that hot water bottle, I’m having an early night…


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