Supermarket-free Me: Card Making

In this recent post, I looked at some ways to both save some money and avoid the supermarket at the same time. One of my suggestions was to make your own greetings cards and I promised a blog post on that very subject so here goes….

My first disclaimer is, as ever, that my talents do not lie in being crafty! However I think that may be an advantage for this post as I aim to show that without much in the way of skill, time or resources you can easily knock together a half-decent card that already outshines its supermarket competitor because it’s homemade. In terms of showing someone you care, that’s got to count for something, right?

Also, because it’s homemade you have some control over the things that may matter to you such as how much the finished product will cost you, whether you use recycled paper or (in my case) whether you can reduce or eliminate the plastic used in the process – read more about that here.

Here are some examples of cards I’ve made – you can see that once I find a theme, I stick with it!

Thank you cards

photo (332)

Cards I got the kids involved with (2 of the blue ones are mine)

photo (328)

Moving Home card

photo (324)

Hama bead card My children love making things with hama beads (plastic, I know…) Instead of hanging on to the finished products, we use them on cards

photo (330)

I’ve been buying some of my materials in Hobbycraft but I’m very keen to find a local business that can meet my craft needs. I’ve also just learned that it’s worth checking out the craft pages of for supplies.

The blank cards I’ve been buying are £2 for a pack of 5 which is around what I’ve been paying for one greetings card at the supermarket. Plus all 5 cards just come in one plastic wrapper, although I need to find a way of buying cards loose for Plastic Free July!

The ladybirds are £2 for a pack of 10 and the airmail cards were £2.30 for 12 so my finished ‘product’ is still cheaper than its supermarket equivalent.

I bought the alphabet stampers (£7.50) and ink (£2) which have been a good investment as I’ve used them a lot.

photo (326)

I’ve only been making my own cards for a few months but I’m aware there are loads of things I could do to make them less expensive and more eco-friendly. Some ideas I have involve upcycling old greetings cards and other bits and bobs that are around the house anyway such as old yale keys, newspaper print, buttons or photos. I am yet to get involved with pinterest but I know it could be perfect for this kind of project.

If you have written a homemade card post, please feel free to put a link in the comments section – I need all the inspiration I can get!

8 thoughts on “Supermarket-free Me: Card Making

  1. When my kids were younger I used to get them doing painty handprints all over large sheets of paper and then cut them out to make collage greetings cards. No artistic ability required on my part at all, it kept the kids occupied for an afternoon, and relatives loved them! I used to use the same sheets of handprinted paper as giftwrap too.

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