Plastic-free Me: Getting in a lather about single-use plastics

Here’s a really easy tip for reducing your single use plastics:

Swap from liquid soap and shower gel in plastic bottles to bars of soap – either unpackaged or wrapped in cardboard.

It was entirely pain-free when we did this during Plastic Free July 2013 and I estimate that since then we have saved around five plastic bottles from recycling or landfill. We have enjoyed being reunited with bars of soap and the children find them easier to use than the plastic pump dispensers.

A word of caution! Some bars of soap that appear to be wrapped in only cardboard on further inspection are found to be sporting a hidden layer of plastic. I recommend shaking the packet and listening out for rustling!

For the purposes of blog research I bought a couple of bars, widely available, that I suspected were plastic free and I happily I was correct so I am able to share.

photo (231)


photo (228)

I am not recommending these as I’ve yet to try them but please feel free to share your favourite plastic free soaps in the comments section.

My ‘Top Two’ soaps so far have been from Lush – Dirty (pictured below) and Godmother.

photo (225)


They are very easy on the eye – which helps tempt tiny hands under the tap – and also come wrapped only in paper. If you care about such things (which I do) then Godmother has the added bonus of claiming to be preservative free.

To promote the longevity of your bar of soap, ensure excess water is drained off either manually or by a soap dish with a hole or channel – some sinks have these built in (see sink in previous photo) . Soap sitting in a puddle won’t last long!

Plus you can chop them into smaller squares with a kitchen knife so that less of each bar is exposed unnecessarily to water each time you use it.

photo (234)

I can’t say with certainty yet whether ditching bottles for bars will save you money. It was my impression that buying bars of soap would be less expensive as perhaps they are not as fashionable? A quick search of the internet however found me a 250g bar for £13 over at Molton Brown (I’m unsure if this is plastic free). On the plus side though perhaps this means that I can buy fancy bars of soap at Christmas time as plastic free gifts…

6 thoughts on “Plastic-free Me: Getting in a lather about single-use plastics

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  2. I would recommend soaps that still contain glycerin; they are better for your skin. Glycerin is a valuable product of soap making, so commercial manufacturers separate it out to sell it, and add chemicals instead. Natural soap is best : )

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