Meaner Greener Me: review

This is a short administrative sort of a blog post! Every now and again I like to take stock of my writing, work out what I’ve promised, decide whether I’ve delivered and think about how I can keep on track.

On 4th of May this year, with this post I opened Meaner Greener Me on my blog – a blog topic that aims to let me explore the issues of ethical consumption and responsible waste disposal. My intention was to run it for three months initially, hopefully posting a couple of times a week.

Although I haven’t managed to hit my target two posts each week, I will keep this topic open as it is a subject that I have really enjoyed writing about and has changed my lifestyle for the better. Because the time I have available for blogging is often limited or variable, I will post as and when I have something to say and the time to say it.

I will also shortly be starting up a new topic on the blog, Plastic Free Me which will see me working towards taking part in Plastic Free July in 2014. Although reducing plastics is entirely relevant to Meaner Greener Me, I felt it was specific enough with enough scope to allow it a stand-alone topic. I hope that those of you who have enjoyed my blog to date will find Plastic Free Me follows in a similar vein.

Meaner Greener Me has changed my life considerably. As I reminder, I hoped to explore the questions;
Do I actually need what I am buying?
Can I source what I need ethically?
How do I get rid of things I have ‘consumed’ so that others may be able to use them?
If they are of no use to others, how can I limit my contribution to landfill and pollution?

I will continue to do this as there is still a lot of material to write about and many many improvements that I can make in my own life!


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