Zero Waste Week Day 6: it’s about… zero waste!

Today I have a little admission…if I didn’t reign myself in I’d be a bit of a shopaholic given half the chance.

It may not be the biggest skeleton to have in the closet but it is something I have to keep in check.

I can’t remember exactly when I became aware of the waste involved in occasionally acting on a compulsion to buy things that I didn’t need, but two significant things happened around the same time that had a waste-reducing effect on my life:

1. A huge 24/7 supermarket opened up nearby and suddenly there was temptation everywhere because it stocked much much more than the smaller store it had replaced. I quickly realised that by buying more than I needed, I was spending more than I wanted and often my purchases would find themselves in the charity shop within a few months, having lost their novelty value.

2. I got a Twitter account and suddenly I had access to a HUGE amount of information. I became more aware of what was going on in the world and was horrified by rising poverty levels in the UK.

In short, I couldn’t justify wasting money and things when all around, there was need.

Not long after my ‘Supermarket-gate’ and ‘Twitter-gate’ came the Horsemeat scandal, which if you are a regular on my blog, you will know that this led to my blogging project Supermarket-free Me.

To cut a long story short, this taught me how much food is wasted by the big supermarket chains as part of the supply process and how poor some of their workers’ rights are abroad, and made me think about where I buy things from and how I dispose of them and so Meaner Greener Me was born.

Now, despite how this may read, I am not just wildly plugging my blog with this post. On the contrary, my blog has simply documented how I’ve evolved, hopefully for the better, in terms of important issues. As part of Meaner Greener Me, I wrote a post on reducing food waste and that led me to this year’s Zero Waste Week.


So despite everything above, it was somewhat alarming for me to discover that on embarking on Zero Waste Week I was immediately flicking through one of my favourite reads….

photo (201)

….The Lakeland Catalogue!

Oh I do so loooove the Lakeland Catalogue. Just look at those Dr Who Dalek cup cakes! I considered buying the kit and making them up for my other half who quite likes Dr Who.

And, well wow!

photo (203)

Look at these chocolate house moulds!! I coveted this for days, envisioning hosting the perfect children’s party and bringing this out at the end as everyone gasped in awe at my baking skills.

I bought neither of course, knowing that if I even used them once, realistically that would probably be all, no matter how gorgeous they are!

I will tell you though that I was seriously tempted to buy these for Zero Waste Week to prolong the life of my vegetables.

photo (202)

And how great would those tubs be for freezing leftovers…

photo (199)

And these clips would come in handy.

photo (198)

But really, I know that Zero Waste Week should be just that. Zero. Waste. Week.

Take part with what you’ve got. Of course certain things make it easier – fridges, freezers, Tupperware, pots and pans but it’s about planning, not possessions.

This year the focus is on food waste but of course all waste is important – we’ve got to keep things out of landfill and look after our precious environment. So search your cupboards and breathe new life into your old kitchen kit and I’ll do that too – deal?

By all means though, keep the Lakeland Catalogue as kitchen porn!

zero waste week 2013 header logo

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