Zero Waste Week Day 5: some weeks are tricky

Now I’m not one to complain…

…but, what a bloody difficult week it’s been!

This is how my bathroom has been looking:

photo (183)

We’ve had someone in it all day for the last four days which, while not great at the best of times, really isn’t great when you have two children under 5 and one’s toilet training!

Then today, just as it looked like the painting was almost done, the paint ran out and it was my job to go to a well-known DIY chain to get some more. Easier said than done. The paint on the walls didn’t match the paint in the tester pot and it was clear that a mistake had been made at the mixing stage and there was no guarantees we could actually get more of the same…

photo (182)

This was at 4pm just as I was getting ready to prepare a Zero Waste Week special tomato sauce!

photo (190)

And my other half’s been spending a day’s annual leave with friends.

Not that I begrudge him because he kindly took Wednesday off work to look after the children and give me a day to myself but of course on that very day, I was urgently required on the other side of town to sign paperwork and lost most of my morning sitting in a waiting room while the paperwork was being prepared.

That’s not all…

On the same day our youngest child suddenly started coughing badly and wheezing so we had to rush to the medical centre for an inhaler and antibiotics.

photo (187)

Happily, said child is on the mend and bouncing around normally but of course…

…I’m coming down with the cold now!

So what has all this to do with Zero Waste Week I hear you ask…

Well, I suppose my point is that it wasn’t a great week to be battling with enormous cabbages and dealing with overflowing cupboards! However when I first read about Zero Waste Week, I decided it was something I’d really like to do – or more accurately, I realised it was something I felt I needed to do.

Reducing my food waste makes sense when we live in a world that is experiencing the effects of generations of neglect towards the environment. If like me, you live in the UK, all around us Foodbanks are opening up at an alarming rate and morally, I can’t justify wasting food and money when other people don’t have enough.

Despite my difficult week (and please note, I do realise that all of these problems are minor) I’m glad to be putting in the effort to change some bad habits. I absolutely admit that had I not agreed to blog on this subject, I wouldn’t have put in quite as much effort as I have to be a Zero Hero but I’m pleased I did.

This week so far, I have learned a lot, made new connections with people also reducing food waste and I do feel I have achieved something, however little.
In case you are wondering, I must reiterate this blog is only about me and my efforts and it’s not about putting anyone else under pressure to join me. Read, hopefully enjoy and if you do want to take any small steps towards reducing food waste or waste in general then you’ll see there’s support out here!

zero waste week 2013 header logo

Can I be a zero hero?

Revved up & raring to go

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4 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week Day 5: some weeks are tricky

  1. Fantastic post; I didn’t realise you’d been struggling against so much! I find that when someone is ill or my workload increases, that’s when my food waste increases too. Love that you’ve stuck with this challenge despite some difficulties – thanks so much for being part of the solution and making a difference…

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