Zero Waste Week: Day 3, the dreaded veg…

So Tuesdays in our house are Veg Box Day – or as my children call them Fruit, Veg & Egg Box Days, to give them their full title!

We love Veg Box Day.  First thing in the morning we pop our empty crates outside the door and periodically check to find out if they have been replenished. I excessively and shamelessly use it as a distraction technique all day – when fights are breaking out or someone’s getting stroppy, I suggest we check to see if the box is here and we all rush to the door, abandoning negative situations.

We first placed an order for a fortnightly box of fruit and vegetables about six months ago when I embarked on my blogging project Supermarket Free Me. The farm we order from is local and the produce is organic.  We soon increased the box to weekly, then added some more fruit and finally a dozen eggs.

Every week brings a consistent supply of steady staples such as onions, carrots, potatoes, apples and bananas plus a ‘lucky dip’ of what can be, quite frankly, weird or wonderful.

It gives me a little thrill to unpack the box to find out what we now have in our possession and to ponder over how we’ll use it this week.


I have to confess that this week  – Zero Waste Week – I felt differently.

Having established that we had far too much food in the house and knowing that this week I couldn’t guiltily throw it in the compost bin, I admit I was slightly dreading the arrival of our box.  I started to worry about having a lack of time to cook it and an absence of the means to establish what some of the items are.

Then a miracle seemed to happen.  It didn’t arrive! We dutifully checked throughout the day and by 6:30pm I decided it wasn’t coming.  This has never happened before!  It was a sign I thought, Zero Waste Week is going to be a success for me – I’ll buy a few onions and we’ll use up everything that’s still waiting in the fridge from last week and we’ll pass with flying colours.

Just as I was relaxing, the box arrived at 7:30pm.

This false alarm made me ask:

Can I justify getting so much food delivered  when I’m not managing to use it all?

Just asking that question confirmed to me that I do want a supply of fresh, organic, local food. We enjoy the experience of receiving it and it’s good healthy stuff.  However, I need to ensure that I use it ALL and if a delivery is due that I don’t think I can use up, I need to skip it for a week (the supplier allows this with notice).

So…this week, I’m squaring up to my veg box immediately.  I’m going to sort it out, plan how I use it and I’ll get stuck in right away.

Here’s how this week’s box looks.

photo (156)

photo (163)

This is how I’m sorting it:

photo (164)


If you know what this is

photo (155)

Or this

photo (161)

Or what I should do with these

photo (160)

Please do let me know!

I’ll be taking a look through my cook books and on the internet and trying to find creative (or even non creative!) ways to use the others.

Do join me here tomorrow to find out how I’m getting on…

zero waste week 2013 header logo


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15 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week: Day 3, the dreaded veg…

  1. We used to have a veg box, loved it and like you used to get excited to receive it but after it didn’t arrive twice we thought again however I do still miss it. You could freeze the runner beans?
    I believe the bag of leaves might well be a beat – like spinach? Not 100% sure though. Again, you could free it. Not sure what the second one is – looks like broccoli that has turned so assume it’s not that!
    Keep going, you’re doing great 🙂

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