Zero Waste Week: Can I be a zero hero?

Click here for National Zero Waste week 2013

About a week ago I got a very exciting email – would I consider doing a mini series on Zero Waste Week on my blog?  Would I ever!  In fact, I had already been considering a post on the subject so, flattered at being asked, I agreed to do a whole set for the week.

Although I wanted to say Yes! immediately to Rachelle, founder of Zero Waste Week,  I managed to hold myself back and check out something before agreeing.

The big question I had was – how ‘ethical’ is Zero Waste Week?  I am quite particular about my writing and definitely want to use my blog to further good causes or to share my opinions (which obviously I think are the right ones!).  I needed to know that there was no hidden agenda and that the project was free of any corporate sponsorship that might make me queasy.  Immediately Rachelle got back to me to let me know that the only funding the project has is from nesta and all the official supporters of Zero Waste Week  are listed on the website

I had a good poke around the website and was satisfied.  Not only was I on board but I was impressed – a lot of work has gone into the site and it’s obviously been created by someone with a bit of technical knowledge (since starting this blog I am suddenly in awe of anyone with technical skills) and more to the point, someone who’s passionate about what she’s doing.

So here I am embarking on a small collection of posts to further Zero Waste Week which this year is if focussing on food waste.  It runs from 2-8 September.

Let me be absolutely clear about the following:

  • I am doing this for free!;
  • I maintain full control of these posts – this is my own blog;
  • I’m putting in the effort because this is a subject I’m passionate about (see my Meaner Greener Me posts); and
  • I love writing

If you think you might be interested in Zero Waste Week, please do take a look at the website.  By all means, sign up but there is no pressure from me.  I simply hope that you enjoy my posts and maybe even gain a little inspiration from the efforts I’ll be putting in this week to reduce my food waste.  As the week goes on, you’ll find out more about me and there’s information on the ‘About’ page of this blog. If you just can’t wait to get started reducing your food waste, may I recommend you look at a previous post on the subject.

Until tomorrow folks…


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