Supermarket-free Me: Day 28

One thing I’d hoped to achieve within my 28 day experiment to give up supermarkets was a trip to an outdoor market but so far the timings of the markets nearby hadn’t fitted in with my own schedule.  Today however, Portobello (see Day 9), only a few miles away was hosting its monthly outdoor market so, very pleased, I grabbed our rucksacks and we all headed off.

It’s been a beautiful day here in the East of Scotland and as we approached Brighton Park where the market was in full swing, we were greeted with an idyllic sight – a row of striped canopies in the shadow of a splendid church in a perfect little park.  The children were happy as there was plenty of (safe) space for running around, a man with a guitar providing live music and even an Easter Egg hunt.

photo (10)

The aims of the market, according to its website, are to let people know about the availability of local organic products within the area and encourage local businesses to source these, while boosting the local economy.

photo (7)

There were some great stalls and amongst other things there was a good selection of fruit, vegetables, breads, baking and meat.  Everything I bought could either go straight into my rucksack or went into a brown paper bag first so reasonably eco friendly.

photo (8)

It was a lovely experience with a good sense of community.  I have to admit that the sun helped – I’m not sure how we’d have got on if it had been raining or snowing. Unlike a trip to the supermarket, we came away with our spirits lifted but it wasn’t a substitute for the weekly shop – more of a weekend activity with the happy bonus that we were able to buy food.


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