Supermarket-free Me: Day 24

Yesterday I very nearly used a supermarket – not once, but twice!  Despite having managed for over three weeks to avoid them, to believe in what I’m doing and to be blogging about my experience, I almost felt I had no option but the supermarket.  How distressing and depressing that their convenience almost broke me.  They weren’t just moments of weakness either.  What would you have done?

The circumstances were that we were travelling through to Glasgow yesterday to take an elderly relative out for lunch.  The car journey is just over an hour.  I went to the toilet before we set off but….with about twenty minutes to go,  I really needed to go again!  I don’t just mean it would have been nice, but it became all I could think (and talk!) about.  There was a great big Tesco en route that we could have pulled up outside and have located toilets fairly easily but instead I suffered, if not in silence, until we reached our destination.

The second occasion was when we were at lunch our elderly relative thought she perhaps needed to go to the supermarket.  The restaurant is in a shopping centre where there is a big ASDA and when we take her out we often help her to get her shopping.  It’s no bother for us and she is not able to get out alone.  She actually (thankfully!) decided she had everything she needed at home but experiment or not, there’s no way I could have refused such a request for help.

In neither situation would I have bought anything in the supermarket but I would have enabled the spending of money in the second situation and in the first, I feel it would have been hypocritical to have made use of the toilets, given my experiment to give up the supermarket for 28 days.  Plus it would no doubt have reminded me further of everything I’m missing during this four weeks and may have weighted any decision I make at the end of the experiment as to how I use supermarkets in future.

It is true that I am not finding my experiment especially easy just now but I do think with more planning, I can ensure I’m not caught in such dilemmas in future.


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