Supermarket-free Me: Day 20

At the risk of sounding like a spoilt brat, today was a bad shopping day and I’m grumpy!  I believe in avoiding the supermarket and I’m pretty sure that after my 28 days are over my shopping habits will have improved somewhat as a result of this experiment, but really, just as I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it, I find that being supermarket-free is still hurting…

The day started very well – Good Friday and we’re all on holiday. A full night’s sleep was had by all.  This happens maybe once a fortnight in our house so it was high fives and happy faces all round.  I thought the four of us would enjoy a trip into Edinburgh for some food shopping and a coffee so we headed to Broughton Street in the east end which has a great buzz with lots of little independent shops and cafes.

We started at The Bakehouse, a quirky little coffee shop, exclusive to Edinburgh.  Great surroundings and good service got us off to a leisurely start.  With 45 minutes left on the parking meter, I shepherded us all towards Real Foods which claims to be Scotland’s largest organic food retailer.  I haven’t made it into the shop since I’ve had children but was a fan years ago.  I was looking to forward to returning.

photo (3)      photo (1)

Real Foods was just as I remembered it, full of gorgeous looking products in a picturesque old building.  I, however, have changed considerably.  My stress levels started rising when we had to negotiate our buggy up the stairs and through the door.  Then we caused a jam in the shop when an aisle was blocked and the four of us had to try and reverse back the way we’d come.  The aisles were narrow, meaning our little buggy-passenger was able to reach out and grab attractive looking packets.  There were lots of interesting looking brands that I would have loved to have taken the time to look at but it just wasn’t the place for me to be seriously attempting my weekly shop.  Totally stressed, I picked up a few things we needed and headed off to the till.

If I’m allowed a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment, I can imagine myself, straight out of one of the many areas posh hairdressers, calmly browsing round the shop, perusing boxes of exotic teas, reading the labels of the natural beauty products and tossing organic veg into my basket…Today however I left almost empty handed, wondering how I was going to do an entire food shopping in the hour or so I had between lunch at home and six visitors arriving at 2:30pm!

My only option for the many things left on my shopping list was, I felt, my trusty farm shop which I’m growing quite fond of.  I drove over and marvelled again at the great parking and the speed I can get around the shop, compared to the supermarket.  I had the ingredients for two new recipes on my list but the farm shop didn’t have two items – one from each recipe.  I am so used to supermarket shopping that I hadn’t considered that mozzarella cheese and soya mince aren’t widely available!  Absolutely fair enough but now I am left trying to work out where I will do my third shopping trip when, of course, if I was using the supermarket all of this would have been achieved in an hour…

I’m still grumpy.



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