Supermarket-free Me: Day 19

I’ve been thinking about what my life without supermarkets might be like.  As I’ve said before, I am very lucky in that where I live has a good selection of local shops within walking distance and I am only a short drive from Edinburgh. Even if my life becomes devoid of the supermarket therefore, I should still be able to buy everything I might ever need.  Plus there is the option of the internet.

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that some of my shopping trips have been less successful than others.  In the first week of my experiment to give up supermarkets for 28 days, I had an expedition that saw me return home without many essentials.  It wasn’t so much the lack of shops that was the problem as the inconvenience of taking two small children into several small premises with no trolley to carry my load.  I have been learning though where suits me best and where I can get reasonable prices.  I am sure with more practice, I will get it nailed!

I think the problem for the best-intentioned ‘supermarket-avoider’ is the sheer temptation of utter convenience that they wave under your nose.  There are so many problems that the supermarket can just solve

This week for example, I’ve experienced a couple of situations which would have been much easier with the supermarket’s involvement.  The first was when I got in the car and the petrol light started flashing.  I had forgotten I needed to fill up the tank and was on my way to the medical centre (right beside the supermarket).  Reluctantly however I turned the car and drove in the opposite direction to a different petrol station.  That hurt as did the fact that the station I was forced to use had no ‘pay at the pump’ facility (unlike the supermarket), raising the ‘what do you do with the kids’ debate…

The second was having surprise visitors for lunch.  With little notice, it’d have been no problem to pop to the supermarket, do a big shop, grab a few Easter themed treats and activities for the children at low cost.  As it was, I drove between several different shops for some of the things I needed and in the end I couldn’t get the sort of activity things I wanted.

Today I realised that I was running low on some things and announced that tomorrow we’d need to do a shopping trip.  My other half helpfully reminded me that this is the Easter weekend, and that the shops we have been using may not be open.  A supermarket trip tomorrow was something I would have previously taken for granted.  I’m guessing we’ll be fine but I’m now having to think about it and will need to prioritise shopping for the morning so that I have time to find alternatives if the shops I was hoping to visit are closed.

Surely though I can overcome those problems if I get used to a different way of shopping?  I am not someone blessed with organisational skills however, and I suspect that I may always experience hiccups when I run out of petrol or am surprised by public holidays if I choose to be supermarket-free…

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