Supermarket-free Me: Day 10

If you read Day 3, you’ll know that Tuesday morning is shopping morning but, bloody hell, I’ve been shopping all week and I’m not sure I can face another big trip.  A bag here, a bag there – that retro feeling of the circulation gradually being cut off from the fingertips as a bag burls round and round has been all too familiar to me since this experiment began.

However when I grab a pen to write my shopping list I realise that finally it’s all coming together and there are only a few things I need today.  As it’s been snowing, I’m delighted not to have to do a big supermarket trip.  I bundle up my little passengers and the three of us drive to the Farm Shop that saved us from hunger on Wednesday.  We have a brief and pleasant shopping experience and are left with the rest of the morning to ourselves.

Later on our veg box arrives.  It has a pleasing selection of good quality fruit and vegetables.  It suddenly strikes me though that I’ll need to get cooking!  My fridge probably isn’t going to accommodate everything.  I’ll need a recipe or two for some of the veg that I wouldn’t normally buy but I don’t think that will be a problem.   I can plan my week to make time for cooking as the delivery will come on the same day (Tuesday) each fortnight. Another advantage is that all of the fruit and veg come in a crate, kept separate mainly by brown bags – only a few things are in plastic.  At the supermarket I’d be popping everything into small plastic bags so I’ve definitely reduced my waste.

photo (2)


Some of the feedback I have received about this experiment tells me that people are interested in the concept of avoiding supermarkets but think that it is simply too expensive to be a realistic option for them.  I have spent ten days finding my feet and trying to work out the most efficient ways of getting what I need.  I am very much an amateur with more to learn but already I am finding that there are things I can buy outside of the supermarket that are cheaper (59p for a box of tissues at the Farm Shop this morning, for example!) and that by bulk buying I can reduce costs. If you would like to read more on this concept and be inspired, I recommend taking a look at – the blog of a family who are aiming to be supermarket-free for a year, while on a budget!  They are 20 weeks in and give me hope!




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