Supermarket-free me: Day 4

When I found myself drinking Um Bongo this afternoon because it was the only fruit juice we had, I knew I couldn’t last any longer without a proper shopping trip.  On Wednesdays my ceiling to floor food cupboard is generally full to the point that random cans fall out of top shelves and the cling film slides onto the floor, displaced by new and exciting purchases.  Today, nothing moved and I ate three marshmallows because we didn’t have any decent biscuits.

Putting my other half out considerably, I left the kids with him and went back to the Farm Shop I’d visited on Sunday.  It was just before dinner but unlike the local supermarket at the same time there were parking spaces outside the door, the shop was quiet and there were more open tills than customers.  I found everything I needed (including elastic for the newly made princess hat that had come back from nursery!)  The bill came to much less than I’m used to paying and I noticed that part of the reason was that I wasn’t throwing everything I fancied into the trolley (yes, there was a trolley!) because there was less choice.  For example, at the supermarket I buy loads of biscuits because there’s a great selection and then of course we eat them.

I bumped into a friend who lives nearby.  When I explained I was avoiding the supermarket she looked surprised – the same happened when I told the cashier.  While people are supportive of this idea, I think they find the concept of rejecting the supermarket extreme. With yesterday’s announcement that Tesco has for the fourth time withdrawn a horsemeat product from its stock, I’m actually not sure that it is extreme.

After Day 3’s post, I received a tweet from a kind follower suggesting I might like to check out veg box schemes to lighten my load when shopping.  Really pleased with the feedback from someone who’s interested, I got on to it and researched a few in my area and then texted my friend (of the first blog post) for advice.  I’ve found one which comes highly recommended and seems to deliver veg that I’ll actually use.  I’ll keep you updated…..


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