Supermarket-free Me: Day 1

The launch of my supermarket-free experiment has been reasonably uneventful!

When I first decided to give up the supermarket for 28 days I thought it would be a real challenge and be pretty awkward.  After a few days of beginning to research alternative options, I am feeling that it shouldn’t be too difficult.  It is very likely to be more time consuming and I am anticipating the odd moment where I need something that I just can’t have outside of opening hours – but generally I’m feeling excited about my new shopping experiences.

I have a number of money-off vouchers from my regular supermarket which will expire within the next 28 days but I can live with that.  The only ones I have mixed feelings about are the three petrol vouchers – surely there is no ethical answer as to how I fill up my car?  Even thinking about this, however, makes me realise how little research I have put into where the things I buy come from and I’m feeling a bit ashamed of myself.

Mothers’ Day has also made me consider the over-reliance of supermarkets within this household.  Of the three Mothers’ Day gifts purchased for members of the family – two came from the supermarket as did all three cards!  What sort of message does it send someone to say that you love them so much that you picked them up a gift with the weekly shop?  Even if this experiment leads me to believe that I adore the supermarket and everything it stands for, next year I will be purchasing ‘special’ gifts from somewhere more…well…special!

For a Mothers’ Day treat we decided to visit a local garden centre.  Our only recent experience of garden centres has been Dobbies which is a member of the Tesco group.  The one we visited today was locally owned and had a great café with great food made using East Lothian’s local produce.  Ironically it stocked a good range of gifts that would have been just perfect for Mothers’ Day shopping…

2 thoughts on “Supermarket-free Me: Day 1

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