Help good causes without donating money

I am totally frustrated about the number of people who are vulnerable within our community and I want to help! The obvious way to support people with little effort is to donate cash either directly to those who need it or, more likely, to organisations and charities which can provide professional, targeted help. Obviously there is a limit to how much individuals can donate each month and yet perhaps, like me, you still want to and feel you should do more…

I have pulled some ideas together on how we can help those who need it without (or as well as) donating money. Here are my Top 5 suggestions:

1. Clear out your wardrobe and cupboards: takes only a short session and can be done as often as you like. Donate old clothes and household goods to charity shops and rag bags – others can benefit from your tired treasures.

2. Sign online petitions for causes you believe in: find numerous petitions online or on Twitter. (Typing ‘petition’ into a search engine or Twitter will help you find them). It can take as little as a minute or two to add your voice to worthwhile campaigns – a small step towards making a big difference.

3. Volunteer your time: even with only have a couple of spare hours a week there will be plenty of causes who can put that time to good use. Work out what you care about and phone related organisations or charities. If they can’t use your help they should be able to direct you to someone who can.

4. Look around and help out: reach the top shelf at the supermarket or do shopping for a vulnerable neighbour. There are plenty of small tasks that can make someone’s day easier without making the recipient feel compromised.

5. Donate blood: a much needed resource that you can give to those who need it. If you can get over any needle fears then you can do it quickly and, in most cases, locally.

Obviously there are many many more. I welcome your suggestions for more ways of contributing to the community for free!


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